Couscous Salad Recipe

Couscous Recipe

This couscous salad is an adaptation from a recipe I found somewhere. The salad itself was okay but I made a few changes to suit my own taste. I did not like the original dressing so made a few changes there as well.
This salad uses several ingredients and is a complete meal. Ideal for the vegetarian or someone looking to eat healthy. You are allowed to make changes to suit your budget and taste as well.
Couscous is very easy to prepare and easy to cool as well so if you don't have leftovers you can just prepare it half hour before you are ready to put your salad together. Make the dressing first so it can be chilled.

How to fry an egg

Sunny side up eggs

Fried eggs

Sunny side up eggs

It is beast to use fresh eggs for frying in a non-stick heavy skillet. All you need to do is use a tip of butter or cooking spray.
Do not over-heat the pan. It is best to fry the egg on low flames and let it slowly cook. A sunny side egg is done when all the white is firm especially around the edges of the yolk. The yolk should look fresh and shiny but not opaque.
If the flames are too high, the edges of the white will be rubbery or burned.

How to scramble eggs

One of the first things we may learn to do in the kitchen is cook eggs. Many of us get it right but some don't. Some of us struggle for years in trying to make the perfect eggs but the scramble is too dry or too pebbly. Follow these tips and you will have the perfect eggs every time.

How to poach an egg

Poached eggs

When I was small I used to hate poached eggs. As I grew older I realized the benefits of the poached egg and I really began to like it, however, I could never get it right.

Most times the egg would come out mushy and tasteless. Then I got a poached egg made from a restaurant and I was hooked. I had no idea what they did to make the thing so perfect but I was determined to find the right technique.