Curry Goat

Curry Goat

2lbs ram goat meat (you can use she goat or imported mutton if you like)

1 scotch bonnet pepper (optional)

1 medium onion finely chopped

1 stalk scallion finely chopped

1 large branch fresh thyme

3 cloves garlic finely chopped 

1 large branch fresh thyme

Salt to taste

2 tbsp. vegetable oil 

2 pinches garam masala (reserved)

Now make your own curry powder (your goat meat will taste better with freshly made curry, you can purchase all the ingredients in the supermarket)

½ tsp. cumin seeds roughly grounded

½ tsp. coriander seeds roughly grounded

½ tsp. pimento seeds roughly grounded

½ tsp. fennel seeds roughly grounded (optional)

2 tsp. turmeric powder

½ tsp. black pepper 

(You may choose to use the store bought curry powder) 


Combine all the spices for the curry and use ½ tsp. on the goat along with the fresh herbs (reserve pepper and thyme). Rub all the seasoning into the meat using your hands. Set aside while you heat your dutch pot with oil. When oil is hot but not smoking put one tsp. of the curry powder and stir with a wooden spoon for about 30 seconds until the curry starts to get brown. Pour in goat meat and stir to coat with curry. When the meat is fully coated, cover pot and turn down the flame to medium. Add the thyme to the pot and stir.

The pot will steam its own juices and form gravy. If the meat sounds like it is frying turn the flames down a little lower and let the meat steam. You do not want the curry to burn or it will get bitter. Constantly stir your pot to prevent sticking at the bottom; stirring also stimulates the production of the meats natural juices to make gravy.

If for some reason the meat is too dry add boiling water a little at a time to form the gravy. Add your scotch bonnet pepper when the meat is halfway cooked. Remember to check the taste. Add more thyme or chopped onion if you like. Salt to taste. Just about five minutes before removing from the fire add two pinches of garam masala and stir.